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DrMhope, A Reliable Hospital Management Solution
Award Winning, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, HIPAA Compliant Hospital Management Software
DrMHope is one of the first Saas based ENTERPRIZE LEVEL Hospital Management Information Software,registered for patients in US & India for Hospital Information Systems. It will change the way your doctors, clinicians, and medical staff share patient information.
DrMHope is patented, subscription based application certified & tested under the ONC HIT Certificate Program 2014 edition certification criteria (USA) for both ambulatory and inpatient.
This SaaS based Cloud Hospital management System for both Ambulatory and Inpatient will enhance your hospital`s, Patient-care management, improve patient safety, reduce cost, a few notches higher; enhancing overall productivity of your hospital and patient`s clinical experience.Employee Management, Billing & Administration.
Aimed at the Critical Care facilities, DrM EMR & EHR is the answer to all your HMS problems.
Family clinics and General practioners will love our easy to use Ambulatory EMR.
Member of the UBM Medica Network
DrMHope Version 1.0