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About /Company

Led by Dr BK Murali and Caroline Ruby Ammon,owners of both Hope Hospitals , Nagpur and DrMHope Softwares Pvt Ltd.

Soon after Dr Murali started Hope hospital, he realised that playing dual role - that of a practicing surgeon, and managing his hospital set-up would be tough; and could come in the way of achieving his vision of providing timely treatment & best patient care at low cost.

And thus began his search for asolution; a system which would stream line & integrate various activities of hospital(clinical, back office, generic management etc) without requiring his personal involvement at every step.

He consistently faced challenges arising from lack of a system totrack, monitor & analyse enormous data collected at the hospital;lack of proper records tosupport clinical decision-making; lack of electronically integrated medical records accessible from anywhere, any time; systems to improve patient care; reduce HAI etc.

Deaths caused by HAI couldn`t be tracked, large number of R and D couldn't be performed, as a result of which the hospital was unable to contribute to Indian statistics to prevent HAI deaths & medical error or improving quality of healthcare.

He explored the possibility of developing a computer based hospital management solution. With this in mind he approached professionals in the software vertical and briefed them about his own understanding of the challenges of running a 24/7 healthcare organization and devising a solution.

In 2010, with his vision and an expert IT team by his side, the firstCloud based SaaS Applications DrMSaaS was launched in the Indian Healthcare industry. The application assisted in the micro management of a busy hospital environment, and monitored its day to day management in the absence of the owner/manager.It was lapped up by hospitals in several countries and also went on to win many awards& recognitions worldwide.

Since its launch DrMSAAS/DrMHope has undergonemany improvisations; encompassingand streamlining various services & operations in thehealthcaresector. The current edition of DrMSaas can manage medical, financial, and management related aspects effectively.

This user-friendly, cost-effective, and a scalable cloud based solution used by health care organizations in countries like ......

Dr Murali, a strong believer inthe strength of being a team, dedicates the success of Hospital Management Solution to his team of software developers and each and every DrMite who's been working relentlessly,helping them to achieve new feats. He is very proud of his DrM'ite colleagues & associates who`re working with such dedication and passion and hopes that their journey together will be long and fruitful.

DrMHope has been conferred with many prestigious awards in past few years.In 2013, it won DST Lockheed Martin award; in 2012 IIGP award was being conferred on it for being best innovative technology in India in the Healthcare IT, also awarded with best ICT in Healthcare eIndia, Hyderabad; in 2010 DrMHope was declared the best Innovation in Healthcare Technology, by Naseba,Mumbai.

Currently it`s partnering with Stanford University, University of Texas, IC2 and FICCI to roll out this technology on global platform.

Caroline Ruby Ammon partner and co founder of Dr.M and Hope Hospitals, graduated from

Elphinstone College, Bombay in Macro Economics with specializing in Finance and Wealth Management.

  • Her experience stretches across 3 continents.
  • She is an exceptional marketer in the International sales arena she has successfully led strategic sales and marketing teams with Multinationals like Mitsubishi Corporation, Europe , Citigroup, Asia Pacific, National Australia Bank, Australia
  • A skillful accomplished negotiator, building bridges and establishing and maintaining relationships, whilst aiming for maximum profitability for both stakeholders. History of leading initiatives to deliver scalable, flexible, and cost effective platforms.

Togerher with BK Murali she has suceeded in introducung DrMHope Softwares an Enterprise Level SaaS based Hospital mangement system to the US and International markets where the need for a value added ONC 2014 certified EMR/ EHR is a high level requirement. This cost effective yet complete HIS has been the brain child of BK Muralui and Caroline Ruby Ammon

The DrMHope software solution can be customized to match your requirement to achieve cost control via increased efficiency.