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DRMHOPE Solutions provides specialty on cardiology, which is fully integrated with EMR and Cardiology Practice Management.


Cardiology specilty has to always deal with huge amounts of data such as angiograms, 3-D models of the heart and other imaging data. There is difference between each and every patient. Since each cardiac patient is unique and each case is based on a series of encounters therefore case studies in cardiology is important. Effective integration of several of these elements, while allowing a high degree of interactivity, is one of the challenges faced by cardiology specialty. To overcome this hurdle, there is a need for fully interoperable solution that emphasizes on streamlined and customized workflow for this specialty practice and that is designed to facilitate integrated case presentation.

Achieving operational, clinical and financial efficiencies is also a fundamental requirement of this modern day specialty solution. DRMHOPE Solutions provides a powerful specialty on cardiology, which is fully integrated with EMR and Cardiology Practice Management. This solution has been designed by implementing best practices and understanding the complexity of the Cardiology specialty.

It eliminates many of cardiology's clinical and operational challenges by improving patient safety and streamlining operations. Our solution aims at delivering comprehensive cardiac information and image management across the continuum of cardiac care. And in so, it provides a single point of reference to a patient's complete longitudinal cardiac record.


  • Save time by allowing access to the complete cardiovascular patient record
  • Reduce delays by connecting all your cardiac equipment to one central database
  • Enable faster communication with your patients and other care providers by having all reports and results related to the patient's cardiovascular care instantly available after each procedure
  • Track trends and improve quality across the cardiovascular care continuum by creating a comprehensive database for all procedures
  • Reduce effort duplication


Our solution has the following key functional areas:
  • Workflow management
  • Cardiology image management (angiographic, echographic, echocardiographic, IVUS etc)
  • Specialty charting
  • Interactive vascular and coronary atlas for graphical reporting and printing
  • Surgical procedure management
  • Cardiology templates
  • Report creation for all interventional cardiology procedures and all electrocardiography / echocardiography exams
  • Dashboards and reports