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Web Application for Hospital Management Systems in Cloud India


What does the DrMHope technology do?

It is a SaaS enabled cloud computing seamlessly integrated application supporting distributed center transactions. . It is designed to integrate the different Hospital information systems into one single efficient system. Solves the problems inherent in a network of multiple programs that are not compatible. It can integrate almost any type of services, systems, specilities, clinic, processes, data, communication, etc. that exist in a hospital. Can even handle non- medical services or functions like security, maintenance, etc. It is modular and highly scalable. It has the ability t o identify, standardize, control and manage quality processes possible. Only 145 hospitals out of 25,000 hospitals in India have the international mark of excellence, the NABH accreditation certification. NABH and clinical establishment act that has been passed by the central government is proposed to be made compulsory shortly to improve quality care. DrMHope helps hospitals to reduce medical error and comply with certain minimum standards for acquiring licensing and registration. Uses Bigdata technology to analyse data. DrMHope integrates with mobile technologies.

Who is it designed for?

Multispecialty Hospitals as a Hospital management system, Telemedicine networks, Rural health centers, preventive healthcare centers, Health Kiosks, GP Clinics, Tele medicine centers, Diagnostic centers, Insurance and Third party administrators for its EHR module.

Why was it created?

1) Dr.Murali, an orthopaedic surgeon, started Hope Hospitals in 2005. No software was in the market to manage Hope when he was in the OT or working out station. Existing players in EHR were few & fragmented, none offering a complete scalable, reliable and secure solution. This led him to develop a solution, 3 years ago, enabling him to micro manage Hope from anywhere 24/7.It was a robust, reliable HIS delivering quality healthcare. 2) 80% of the 25,000 hospitals in India have no HMS essential for providing quality care. 92 % of HMS is not affordable, not easy to use; dont integrate all the specilities.3) Hospitals with more than 1000 beds in India are located out of city limits. 96% of such hospitals have poor internet. Qualified doctors or GPs are scarce in remote areas, so there is a need for telemedicine portal and offline access. Army of software professionals needed to install, configure, test, run, secure & update; Costs overrunning initial quote & long receivable time on developing legacy software, Growing cost of IT infrastructure & resources, ever changing Healthcare industry requirements. DrMHope, a software as a service application, was created to overcome these challenges.

Why is DrMHope better than existing solutions?

With DrMHope, hospitals plug in & subscribe to software as a service on per transaction basis. It is built on shared infrastructure and resources and is scalable, reliable and secure solution. Offline mode. Capex is nil. Reduces cost per transaction to 1/10th of cost of legacy software. DrMHope provides EMR, telemedicine platform, integrated wallet card technology, PC kiosk based and mobile based technology. Most players have one or two, but not all of the above solutions. With DrMHope, upgrades are at source and the business will have access to them as soon as the application is accessed. Hospitals are not required to buy, build, secure &maintain their servers. Installing, deploying & maintaining the legacy software, patches and updates are required. Cost of implementing updated legacy software is five times the cost of the original license. Legacy software bought today gets obsolete in less than 3 years. Cost of obsolesce is triple of the original cost of purchase of legacy software. Reduces installation time and medical errors.

Why was it important to create DrMHope?

In the current healthcare delivery system in emerging countries, the overhead cost of running a hospital is huge. Hospitals are not able to pay upfront the cost of a hospital management system. There is an immediate need for a system that saves time and is scalable, reliable and secure. There is a need to outsource the headaches of running and maintaining IT infrastructure and resources. To make policy decisions in healthcare nationally, there is a need for the applications run by various hospitals and stakeholders like Insurance companies to be able to communicate with each other. There is a need to share data related to hospital acquired infection rates to improve quality of care, maternal and child health, life style diseases and reduce medical errors. Current business models deployed by hospitals do not encourage small value remote consultation; due to which healthcare is not available to a large population. There is no direct equivalent of this product in the market today. There is a value proposition for everyone in the healthcare ecosystem.

Does it fit into existing products or processes?

It is primarily a standalone product but also fits into (existing or new) products thereby enhancing their capabilities. Our product can value add to existing services. 'Get NABH", the quality module of DrMHope and 'preventive healthcare module' using the telemedicine platform are examples of modules in DrMHope that can fit the existing hospital management legacy software developed by Wipro, Napier and Siemens available in the market. Being a software as a service application, it integrates easily with other cloud applications.

How is DrMHope a better way of addressing the challenges today?

It is an EMR of the doctors, by the doctors, for the doctors. Medical professionals can easily customize application to changing processes. Unlike other I.T. systems, SaaS is not just a part of hospital that goes online; the whole Hospital is online, that too in real time. No technical knowledge required. No supporting infrastructure required. Anybody can operate. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real- time with other users. Allows you to browse records in your mobile. User rights can be given to view documents and some other group to view and edit the same document. Micromanagement of operations is possible: you have 24-by-7-by-365, i.e., all-time access. For example, any GP, proprietor or the top management of any business cannot be physically available at all times at all places in the organization. There might be the fear of pilfering of items, mismanagement, etc. By using DrMHope, they can check their system anytime and from anywhere where you have internet, meaning- you can check your organizations working even on mobile phones! Get notified of any addition of doctor notes, nurse notes or reporting of accounts or marketing specilty. The mails are sent by the system itself without the need to compose a mail.

What is unique about DrMHope?

It is a scalable, reliable and secure multi-Tenant Model. DrMHope provides the ability to deliver software to multiple clients from single, shared instance. The major advantages of multi-tenancy are in its cost-effectiveness. The ability to share hardware, software, application development, and maintenance cost amongst tenants in turn helps in significant reduction of cost. Apart from that, sharing a single instance of an application between tenants helps in migration initiatives as different tenants can be simultaneously upgraded. The major leverage for efficiency comes from multi-tenancy, the ability to accommodate different users of the application while making it appear to each that they have the application. DrMHope has 1.Web-based Work Management System, 2. Patient management, 3. Doctor management, 4. Staff and nurse management, 5. Patient registration / booking system, 6. Pathology and radiology information management, 7. Pharmacy Management, 8. Hospital cash flow management, 9. Inventory and store management, 10. Tailored Quality Management System, GET NABH, 11. Telemedicine module, 12. Custom Business System Development. DrMHope Software can even be operated from a mobile or tablet.