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Healthcare IT Solutions | Consulting and Implementation | IT Healthcare Services

Consulting And Implementation

In today's fast growing world leading healthcare providers and organizations are very much interested in investing and have heavily invested on healthcare IT solutions to increase revenue and enhance patient care experience. With the fact to the realization of value for IT infrastructure projects are the successful implementation of core systems as regards to the healthcare systems, driving the changes that are required for organizational process and managing the required staff transformation. With many years of experience in successful client projects and also in consulting and implementation, process, DRMHOPE has the expertise to help you achieve these objectives.

DRMHOPE basically deals with healthcare consulting services, IT services and consulting team is responsible for consulting technology, designing, building and deploying technology solutions for our healthcare customers. DRMHOPE has a large team of healthcare domain experts, trained information technologist, Highly experienced Techno functional Healthcare Application Implementation consultants. Our teams are helping global healthcare organizations to provide quality IT healthcare services. Led by our expertised solution architects, domain experts and application consultants; our implementation teams will deliver custom made services to your organization. From implementation support to business transformation management services to infrastructure management, DRMHOPE can be your one-stop interface to your organization's technology implementation services needs.

DRMHOPE Implementation Methodology takes a controled, step-by-step approach to successful implementation services and is supported by a methodologcal framework consisting of services templates, tools, technical guide books and implementation best practices.


  • Deployment of DRMHOPE Healthcare solutions includes Ambulatory, Acute Care, Specialty and Mobile solutions
  • Custom application build and categorization
  • Cross platform application integration
  • Healthcare Enterprise Architecture Consulting and Design
  • DRMHOPE Application Support Services