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DRMHOPE dental care solution provides full dental health services.


DRMHOPE Dental care solution is a powerful and flexible software application that helps those who are running a dental practice to operate more efficiently and cost effectively. In addition, the solution also helps managing your electronic dental records.

DRMHOPE Dental solution includes electronic patient history, patient correspondence, doctor's notes and treatment planning. DRMHOPE Dental solution offers a comprehensive fully integrated application which automates all areas of your dental practice. DRMHOPE dental care solution provides full dental health services.


  • Save time by allowing access to the complete dental patient records in one place
  • Manage Patient Schedules and Appointments
  • Allow all dentists in a practice to view a common patient electronic dental record
  • Integrate with Dental Imaging software, allowing access to patient's dental images
  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Enhance your practice's efficiency and profitability
  • Achieve a total solution to run your entire dental practice in association with PMS
  • Achieve seamless integration and interoperability in a mixed vendor environment using industry standard HL7 and DICOM. Connect to other enterprise systems like HIS, PMS, CPOE, PACS, Billing and other health exchanges


Our solution has the following key functional areas:
  • Treatment Planning
  • Clinical Notes
  • Restorative and Periodontic Charting
  • Dental Surgery/ Procedure Management
  • Patient Treatment history
  • Dentistry Imaging
  • Reports and Executive Dashboards
  • Scheduling and Appointments