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Hospital Management System Software


What is DrMHope?

It`s Hospital Management Software that can be used by one or chain of hospitals. It`s a web based application that is secure, easy to download, install, and use. It is an automated solution that streamlines operations of a hospital to enhance its efficiency. It is designed to take care of all aspects of running a healthcare organization from employee and patient management to accounting and financials.

Do you have an office?

Yes, we do. Visit our contact page to know the details. You can call us, write to us or email us as per your convenience. Moreover the software has been designed in the guidance of an orthopaedic surgeon practicing in Nagpur.

How do I place an online order?

You can place your order by using the place order buttonthat you`ll see on various pages of our website, which would take you to a secure site for payment.

Where can I get specific product information?

Please browse our Product Features & Benefits section. You can also contact us for any specific information you need.

Why should I choose DrMHope?

We offer the best value for money and superior quality of servicesat affordable prices. Our software encompasses functions like Hospital Information Management Systems, Complete calander scheduling for multiple locations and multiple physicians , Complete PCMH reporting, Complete MU reportiing, advanced intercative dashboards for ICU and critical care, Bi Directional labs and radiology integration, equiment integration, HL7 certified , HIPPAA certified, Complete integrated material management system, Integrated stores and inventory modules and a easy to use billing and accounting system built in.Document Management Systems, and employee management systems.

Can you provide customized solutions?

Yes, our software has scope for customization to meet your needs and sync with your hospital environment. You can talk to us for more information. Various modules of DrMHope Hospital Management Solution can be seamlessly integrated in order to facilitate highest level of flexibility within a hospital environment.

Does DrMHope comply with the latest health care standards?

The software has been developed to exceed the best health care standards in the industry. A few modifications are all that our software needs, to sync and comply with any future development.

Tell us about the security features of your product

Using secure messaging, CCDA and HL7 DrM is a safe secure EMR/EHR this is proven by the ONC 2014 certification for both inpatient and ambulatory services.DrM is also HiPPAA compliant and AMA certified aswell as ISO 2008:1900 certified.

DrMHope believes in appropriate collection, use, and disclosure of data & information as and when required; and when it`s no longer required, we also believe in its secure disposal.

Can a hospital that is already using another (or legacy) health care software product use DrMHope?

Yes. DrMHope's modular design structure enables migration ofdata from any software onto our platform seamlessly and smoothly with no compatibility issues.

Is size of hospital a consideration to use this software?

No, it's scalable software that you can use irrespective of size and type of hospital/clinic. Specialty Clinics & Physicians, General Practitioners, General Surgeons, Obstetricians &Gynaecologists, Ophthalmologists, Cardiologists,Paediatricians

What are the functions DrMHope covers?

It covers every function required by General Practitioners & Physicians, Surgeons, Gynaecologist, all sizes of hospital & nursing homes. Right from scheduling appointment to patient registration, clinical details of patient, indoor management, accounting, reporting, data analyses, pharmacy, to advanced treatment scheduling and records everything is covered. Specific functions include; easy to use patient visit details or OPD/IPD modules, facilitates family wise patient records management, inbuilt predefined certificates, Simplified & user-friendly billing & accountingmodules, facilitates demographical and clinical data analysis, backup/restore enabled software , multi-user, LAN compatible, compatible with any Windows 9x or higher version, on any web enabled device, two ways Synchronization, SMS facility

Do I have to pay onetime cost or a monthly fee? If your software releases advanced version, as a user will I be eligible to download it for free? What about support and training?

First of all, DrMhope requires no special skill or training as it is very user friendly. However, our team offersany help that you and your staff may require from time to time. When you buy the software from us,we`ll depute a person exclusively for you until you are comfortable with it and can work in it independently.