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Free EMR

Free EMR

30 days free trial

DRMHOPE has a free EMR for a month. There are no hidden charges, no lite functionality and no hardware upgrade costs a basic computer is all you need to get started.

As regards service our support is entirely free. Training, live chat, phone support and a dedicated Account Manager are all freely provided. Our EMR is not only easy to use and live in five minutes it's also the best EMR for customer satisfaction, e-prescribing and support.

DRMHOPE EMR is a user friendly, web-based solution for gathering and maintaining computerized electronic medical records which can be used in both primary care and acute care hospitals.

  • In US, Pocket your Meaningful Use incentive: To qualify for thousand in stimulus incentives you can use our free EMR.
  • Doctor can better serve their patients.
  • Improving quality of patient care.
  • Increases nursing productivity.
  • Reducing the time spent by staff filling out forms, freeing resources for more critical tasks
  • Better quality of care , procedures and service to patient.
  • Complying with accreditation bodies
  • More ownership and control to the owners, directors and the top management.