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Hospital Information System | Healthcare Management System

Hospital Information Management

Now a day's healthcare organizations whatever the size may be face a critical problem to manage and integrate clinical, financial and operational information. DRMHOPE's information about hospital management offers a complete, modular hospital information system that is flexible, affordable and intuitive.

This hospital information management system is developed in collaboration with clinicians, specialists, information technologists. This solution is developed by keeping the very important point in mind of healthcare management system and hospital operations management with the idea of minimizing the costs and resources required to run the global healthcare organizations.

DRMHOPE's Hospital Information Management solution delivers a web based, modular, scalable and tightly integrated system that is built around the core functions supporting hospital administration, financials and patient management. This modular and flexible approach gives you the flexibility to add on other, supported clinical and ancillary solutions that allow you to build a system to meet your complete health information system and budgetary requirements. It also gives you the flexibility to achieve requirements for an electronic health record, patient safety, revenue cycle management and much more. This hospital information management system has been developed using healthcare industry standards like HL7 messaging and DICOM, our solution allows seamless integration with your third-party IT solutions.


Integrated hospital information management systems facilitate better care delivery

We through hospital information management help your organization with seamless flow of data between disparate systems and business units so that the enterprise at both the levels (macroscopic and microscopic) can provide better care and satisfaction to patients, care takers and also the attendants.

Enhance operational efficiencies

In hospital information management system by integrating and streamlining your hospital workflow, it helps you to increase patient volumes without increasing staff.

Improve costs control

With more perfection of reporting of business data, hospital KPI's can be analyzed to avoid duplications, reduce cycle times and maximize the throughput of the hospital supply chain. All this leads to improvements in cost control.

Make better decision

As a management information system for the hospital authorities it helps to develop comprehensive health care policies.

Improve the quality of care and patient experience

With the help of hospital information management system the hospital authorities develop comprehensive health care policies and it also helps in making better decision towards patients and hospital management.


Our solution has the following key functional areas:
  • Hospital Administration
    • Stores
    • Payroll and Personnel
    • Security and Administration
    • HR Management
    • Management of Equipments
    • Management of all facilities
    • Case sheet Management
    • Housekeeping & Laundry
    • Diet & Kitchen
    • Helpdesk
  • Hospital Financials
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts
    • Materials management
    • Payroll
    • Fixed Assets
    • Automated Daily System Close
  • Clinical Support
    • Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE),
    • Inpatient EMR
  • Patient Management
    • Appointments and Scheduling
    • Registration, Admission, Discharge and Transfer
    • Patient Billing
    • Nursing Station & Ward
    • Patient Portal
  • Ancillaries
    • Pharmacy Management
    • Operating Theatre Management
    • Emergency Specilty
    • Management
    • Radiology Management
    • Laboratory Management
    • Blood Bank
  • Interfaces
    • Patient Monitoring Systems
    • Laboratory Instruments
    • Imaging Equipment
    • Biometric Devices
    • Attendance Recording Devices
    • Barcodes & RFID
    • Smart Cards
    • Payment Gateways
    • Health Exchanges
    • Other Healthcare IT Systems
  • Decision Support
    • Clinical Decision Support
    • Clinical Pathways
    • Outcome Management
    • Case-Mix Management
    • Drug Formulary Management
    • Business Analytics