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Computerized Electronic Medical Records | EMR Patient Portal

Inpatient EMR

DRMHOPE Inpatient EMR is a user friendly, web-based solution for gathering and maintaining computerized electronic medical records which can be used in both primary care and acute care hospitals. DRMHOPE inpatient EMR either as standalone or integrated with a hospital information system provides all healthcare providers an episode base services of the patient.


Maintain Integrated Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records will help all clinicians treating a patient a single, accurate and holistic view of a patient's medical history and allow for improved patient care with a longitudinal record internal to the practice. With the help of these Electronic medical records one can transmit information to a National Health Record system or registry.

Support Clinical Decision Making

Due to complete database or records of patients or EMR patient portal, drugs or medicines DRMHOPE EMR supports the clinicians in making decisions regarding drug to drug, drug to allergy contradictions and patient care suggestions to minimize all medication errors and improve patient care.

Enhance Operational Efficiencies

By integrating and streamlining workflow, DRMHOPE EMR allows you to increase and manage patient volumes without increasing staff and without increasing the pressures on the staff.


Our solution has the following key functional areas:
  • Patient Demographics- Using DRMHOPE EMR you canenter patient details, enabling the medical staff user to enter and make changes to personal details like name, date of birth, social security number along with other details like the address, insurance, pharmacy and guarantor details of a patient.
  • Clinical Summary - DRMHOPE EMR captures patient's entire medical history and summarizes their information on a single screen which helps in effective decision making by the clinician. Patient data includes medications, allergies, problems, procedures, tests and meaningful data. The Clinical summary screen is also flexible and easy to use to the requirements of the clinicians.
  • Reminders and Alerts - DRMHOPE EMR is built in such a manner that helps to improve clinician productivity and assist in the care of patients. DRMHOPE is built in such a manner which assist staff on the important tasks of follow-up care.
  • Patient Education and Goal Monitoring - DRMHOPE EMR provides tools which helps in monitoring patient progress, educating patients about health care and promoting healthy outcomes. These health educational information are accessible through the clinician's desktop and can be delivered to patients through the web, mobile devices, email or SMS.
  • Referral Management - DRMHOPE EMR captures and maintains the process of incoming and outgoing patient referrals, as well as the exchange of documents and communication by efficiently managing the workflow of a patient referral, giving clinicians a single, composite view of relevant information, regardless of the information's source.
  • Medical Coding - DRMHOPE EMR system is easy-to-use and provide integrated lookup screens which helps clinicians search electronically by medical code or description.
  • Electronic Immunizations - DRMHOPE EMR helps sending immunization information electronically to your state's immunization registry in order to meet federal requirements.
  • Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) - DRMHOPE EMR system supports clinicians to enter data of the patients electronically for the entry of patients. These entries or orders given by the clinicians are transmitted to other medical staff or to other specilities who are responsible for completing the order.
  • Integration - DRMHOPE EMR is an integrated system that is it can be operated by other third party practice management or hospital information systems using healthcare standards like HL7, HIPAA, LOINC, ICD10 and CPT CODEs
  • Security and Audit Trail - DRMHOPE EMR is a total security based system including encryption and automatic password change alerts. Audit trail enables automatically tracking of all system activities with the logging of time, userid and location information.