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DRMHOPE Oncology solution supports the specific clinical needs of oncology patients.


DRMHOPE Oncology solution is designed in such a manner that supports the specific clinical needs of oncology patients. At DRMHOPE, we understand that oncology treatment delivery is complex, and our software is designed in a manner that simplifies the process and streamline the workflow. When workflow is streamlined, your treatment team can focus on what matters - providing quality care for your patients. This oncology solution allows you to manage the complete patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and post-treatment follow up care.


  • Evaluate specific data based on diagnosis to compare acute responses to treatment and long term clinical outcomes
  • Develop disease-specific clinical protocols to facilitate a standard, consistent quality of care
  • Routine monitoring of radiation dose and review treatment images to conlclude whether plan changes are required
  • Make confident decisions with the aid of embedded rule based decision support
  • Create oncology specific care plans for the post treatment care and support of cancer survivors and give proper oncology cancer treatment to cancer patients.


  • Scheduling and Resource Management
  • Work flow Management
  • Pathology and Radiology Reports
  • Patient Safety and Education
  • Oncology Protocols
  • Cycle Templates
  • Tracking and Alerts
  • Treatment Planning and Dose Management
  • Multidisciplinary Care