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Ophthalmology system is a web-based application and is also a good ophthalmology practice management software


DRMHOPE Ophthalmology system is a web-based application that provides an ophthalmology practice towards a paperless environment. The solution has built in templates specific to ophthalmology that automate the entire workflow. This ophthalmology system integrates with ophthalmology diagnostic imaging system to perform various procedures such as retinal scans and add digital images directly to patient records. This system helps Ophthalmologists to import ophthalmology specific content such as automated refraction measurements. This software application provides a complete solution addressing electronic medical records, practice management, billing. As this system provides solution for practice management so it is good ophthalmology practice management software.

  • Save time by allowing access to the complete Ophthalmology patient records in one place
  • Manage Patient Schedules & Appointments
  • Allow all Ophthalmologists in a practice to view a common patient electronic medical record
  • Integrate with Eye Imaging software, allowing access to patient's eye images
  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Drive your practice's efficiency and profitability
  • Improve patient's care
  • Workflow Management
  • Ophthalmology specific physical exam
  • Orders & results associated with Ophthalmology specific processes
  • Clinical reminders & Tracking
  • Complaint specific documentation
  • Follow-up instructions & procedures
  • Specialty Charting
  • Digital Imaging & Image Management
  • Sub Specialties Management
    • Cornea
    • Glaucoma
    • Medical Retina
    • Neuro-Ophthalmology
    • Ocular Oncology
    • Vitreoretinal Surgery
    • Refractive Surgery
  • Surgery/ Procedure Management
  • Reports & Executive Dashboards