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Patient Portal | Hospital Patient Management System | Patient Record Management System

Patient Portal

An important tool for any medical practice and acute healthcare provider to connect with their patients is patient portal. As a key component of your hospital patient management system, DRMHOPE Patient Portal is a user-friendly online interface that allows patient to interact with you and your staff in a self service mode. DRMHOPE patient portal and hospital patient management system allows the patients to interact conveniently and also helps you exposure to new patients online.

The DRMHOPE Patient Portal helps in reducing paperwork and unnecessary phone calls, ensures security and works flexibly all around the clock so that you can dedicate your time to more important needs of your medical practice.

Benefits of Patient Portal

The online patient portal software is a software where one can have online access to streamline which is one of the most time consuming interaction required by the medical practice. By shifting non-urgent communications from telephone, "snail" mail and in-person methods to the web, practices will likely see improved efficiencies, reduced operating costs and increased patient satisfaction. In addition, providing flexible time all around the clock internet access to the patient portal allows patients and medical staff alike to request, provide and obtain information in a time frame that is more convenient for everyone involved in the whole process. It is a online software which helps in online interactions so this also works as, patient record management system.

Patient portal and your practice

By regular interactions with frequent patients time to time online by registration forms, giving information on requests and which helps in maintaining the patients record which will also help in improving the efficiency of front desk and other staffs. The reduction in paperwork, postage and other related costs can represent substantial savings, and the growing popularity of billable online patient/physician consultations provides a valuable new potential revenue source.


Our solution has the following key functional areas:
  • Easy appointments on requests
  • Renewal of prescriptions at regular intervals
  • Medical test results
  • Online Bill Payments
  • Information readily available on requests
  • Online medical consultations
  • Secure Messaging to Physicians
  • Healthcare Education