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Hospital Management System Software

Services/Product Features

DrMHope, the award winning hospital management solution is packed with features & benefits. The fact that it has been developed by experts under the direct supervision of a doctor who understands the challenges of running a healthcare organization 24X7 ensures that it is designed to make all the resources run at optimal level, quality & performance are maintained at all times,and patient care is a priority

Below listed are some of the features of DrMHope Hospital Management Software. If you need more information or wish to discuss any point in detail... feel free to ask. (email id)

Technical Features

  • Built on robust Cake PHP, MySequel architecture platform
  • Enables total interpretability and integration of both equipment`s app & external EMRs.
  • Minimum clicks, dynamic dashboard, iconic driven
  • Single database, multi tenancy model

Other Features

  • DrMHope is customizable,patented, subscription based SaaS application
  • User-friendly; even a new recruit can get accustomed to it quickly
  • All modules are tightly integrated leaving no scope for duplicate entry of data anywhere.
  • Reduces staff`s workload
  • It helps the user to get holistic view of hospital operations and also any minute detail about operations of hospital if required.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere anytime from any web enabled device
  • It solves the problems inherent in a network of multiple programs that are not compatible
  • It can integrate almost any type of services, systems, specialities, processes, data, communication, etc. that exist in a hospital.
  • It`s designed to handle non-medical services & encompasses functions like security, maintenance etc
  • It is modular and highly scalable.
  • It works even ifhospitals are located in remote areas with poor internet connectivity, it can be put to use offline and can be synced in the process later.
  • Reduces medical errors and improves quality of care.
  • It provides a solution at 1/10th of the cost of legacy software.
  • Eliminates inefficiency, improves patient safety and savesmoney lost in litigation and in under-utilized equipments.
  • Best use of caregivers time by aligning spending valuable patient care time