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DRMHOPE'S SmartRoom application helps in viewing clinical information and laboratory results.


DRMHOPE'S SmartRoom is a computerized system that detects who is in a given hospital room and provides them with the information they need to complete their job efficiently and reliably. The system utilizes a real time locating system (RTLS) and a touch screen user interface designed to make work quick and simple for the end users.

The system relies on all staff members wearing tags that can be recognized be sensors in the rooms and in the hallways. Each tag has a unique signal and every staff member has an assigned tag, which they clip to their name badge. When a nurse, doctor, housekeeper or other caregiver walks into the patient's room, the room recognizes the tag and the SmartRoom application is launched on a touch screen monitor. The monitor automatically serves up situation- and role-relevant information as defined by the tag they are wearing. There is no need to find a computer, log on, sort and fetch: needed information comes to them automatically.

Additionally, with the touch of a button on the RTLS tag, the caregiver can change the view on the touch screen and gain immediate access to key clinical information retrieved electronic medical record (EMR) system. This includes items such as medications, laboratory results, intake and output balances and vital signs for the last 48 hours.

Physicians use the system to check information real-time, such as lab results and vital sign trends. The physician can then use that information to teach the patient about their clinical condition. Specifically the SmartRoom monitor allows caregivers to record data such as vital signs, intake and output, activities of daily living, patient education and other assessments which are sent to the hospital's EMR system.

Finally, in addition to the room-based functions for providers, the SmartRoom includes components for other members of the care team. For the patient and their family the SmartRoom works with the in- room television, allowing them to view a large variety of pertinent educational and clinical information as well as to access entertainment functions. The patient side of the solution is designed to engage the patient and the family in the care process.