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DrMHope - Hospital Management Software Development India

Story so far

43 year old Dr BK Murali lives in the Medical hub of central india, Nagpur which caters to the medical needs of one million population. As a hospital owner and Orthopaedic surgeon he was confronted with a lack of proper tracking system to prevent HAI and reduce errors. A lack of a complete Hospital management system, lack of an electronic medical records system, that he could access from anywhere at any time. He was challenged to create a solution to the many issues and challenges faced by hospitals today and the healthcare industry in general. So initially he designed an application to assist in the micro management of a busy hospital environment, which would monitor the complete hospitals day to day management in his absence.

This led to the creation of DrMSaaS. DrMSaaS went on to win national awards for the best innovation in healthcare technology and bringing a hospital management system which could be used from any location anytime, affordable and accessible. The response was overwhelming. But there was a need to also provide hospitals with a tracking and monitoring tool that could analyse the enormous amounts of data that was being collected in the hospitals but not analysed. The major reason being lack of technology and lack of funds. This resulted in unnecessary death caused by HAI which could not be tracked, large number of R and D which could not be performed, Hospitals were unable to contribute to Indian statistics to prevent HAI deaths, to prevent medical error and to improve quality of healthcare. This led to stage two of our development Get NABH. A SaaS application that incorporates the entire clinical and management performance indictors required for a hospital to conform to the improvement of quality care , reducing deaths, and reducing costs.