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Support portal

DRMHOPE'S Patient Gateway System was one of the earliest patient portal's implemented. It offers patients the ability to view their medical information ("Health Record"), access relevant medical reference services ("Health Library") and communicate with their physicians.

In addition to this patient portal, there were two other important portals for different user groups that are part of Patient Gateway. A support portal was created for staff to configure practice settings in preparation for practice "go-live" and to trace and manage my patient enrollment requests submitted using online web forms. A practice portal featuring message and workflow tools was created for physicians and office staff to manage incoming patient requests, create outgoing responses, set-out- office and automated responses and modify web page text displayed in the patient portal.

To complement these three primary portals, an analytic dashboard was also created for metrics and reports. Individual practices were encouraged to monitor the number of patient enrollments each week, as well as the number of inbound patient requests by request type (e.g. appointment, prescription, registration or general message requests). Additional tools and sub-portals were setup, as needed for research.