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Telemedicine Service Providers | Telemedicine Technology

DRMHOPE Telemedicine

DRMHOPE Telemedicine technology uses the latest in mobile, telecommunication and information technology to provide and support telemedicine services for geographically separated participants. Our solutions have helped telemedicine service providers in providing healthcare services on time, as well as managing the costs of providing such services. This technology has been deployed in both urban as well as rural environments, and has been used as a tool to save lives in critical care and emergency situations.

  • Real time interactions- Regular interactions takes place between patients and healthcare provider through telephons, video conferencing and online communications. This allows many activities such as patient reviews, physical examinations and other clinical evaluations to be conducted.
  • Remote Monitoring- Through this technology the healthcare provider can monitor a patient remotely using a variety of monitoring devices. This is most recommended method for managing chronic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes
  • Store-and-forward- The medicines and the data of the patients are stored which can be transmitted to the healthcare provider for diagnosis and assessment. To transfer accurate information, DRMHOPE Telemedicine solution provides a structured electronic medical record which is created for each patient encounter, which forms the basis for the data transfer to a clinician for appropriate diagnosis.